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One Day Breath Will Cease. Meanwhile...

As I now breathe in these final septuagenarian breaths before becoming a bona fide octogenarian, these three words more aggressively penetrate my psyche: “Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve!” The last 18 months have tested this 3-word retirement lament more than ever, inspiring the following bit of illustrated prose:

What has occurred over the past 18 months has also inspired the creation of, this blog, “Love Leads,” an integral part of this 21st Century mission station. Every breath that I have left in me will be dedicated to proclaiming “Love” as the essential ingredient in authentic leadership.

I invite you to read the previous post, “The Power of Authentic Leadership,” if you haven't done so already, and download the “Certificate of Authenticity” for easy and handy personal reference.

And for those of you who wish I would fade off into retirement oblivion, sorry, Maya Angelo beckons me onward, inspirationally. One day the breathing will cease. Meanwhile…

Let ev'rything that, ev'rything that

Ev'rything that has breath praise the Lord

Praise You in the morning, praise You in the evening

Praise You when I'm young and when I'm old

Praise You when I'm laughing, praise You with I'm grieving

Praise You ev'ry season of the soul

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