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Compassion is Risky!

An important word here for leadership. We now exist in a risk-adverse culture and there are many reasons why, which I will continue to explore in this blog. With this in mind, here’s a link to an excellent article on a highly recommended site. Please read the post before going forward (and subscribe to the site):

A personal memoir is in the works titled, “The Eras of His Way.” There I will reveal the story behind an important risk that wasn’t taken, the release of a film titled, “Hard Corps,” an exposé on pornography and human sex trafficking. Controversial? Very! Law Suit vulnerable? Absolutely! Compassionately crafted? Totally! Status quo challenging? Amen! Had it been released, it would have become one of those rare “Maiden Tribute” moments in Army legend and lore. Bramwell’s words below now haunt my soul right down to the very corps (spelling intended):

The trial did the Army a great deal of good. It made us known, and put us at one stroke in the very front rank of those who were contending for the better treatment of the lost and the poor… Our work for women was greatly furthered… We knew…. that the Queen followed the proceedings with great concern and sympathy. The case opened doors for us also in the overseas dominions and in the US.

I wish this film had been released. I wish we'd gone to trial to defend it. Unimaginable doors would have been opened to us, no question. By the way, I have a copy of the film to one day be viewed in a risk-less historical, teachability setting, long after I’m gone, unfortunately. It will be so instructed in my last will and testament

Note that William Booth “welcomed almost anything short of violent revolution.” We’ve gone from risk-auspicious to risk-adverse. And what was the one mitigating factor promulgating Booth's risk-favorable culture?



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