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Beyond Doomed!

Brig. Josef Korbel was a true patriot, and quintessential example of “Love Leads.” He gave me written permission to write and produce a film on his life. This was a personal, passionate project of mine, in the works at before the network's unfortunate demise. I'm presently writing a mini e-book titled, “The SAVN Story (Part 2): Shrunk to Fit!” Following is an excerpt detailing what could've been:


(What ‘Could’ve! Would’ve! Should’ve!’ Been)

Forbes: “The best-kept secret in the start-up world is that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Success typically takes six to seven years – if you survive the first three.”

(Or what would’ve been beyond year four)

See “The SAVN Story (Part 1): www,

~Free with purchase of "The ERAS of His Way"~

Feature Films

Segments filmed in Czechoslovakia

A Documentary: Imprisonment of Josef Korbel

Interviews, historical footage in the can, somewhere

Prelude to a feature film based on “In My Enemies Camp”

While beaten and tortured in prison, Korbel prayed…

“Lord, for 22 years I have been preaching about Thy power which is able to sustain and protect Thy children. Manifest Thy power just now. Make me strong so that I am willing to die rather than bring disgrace to Thy name.”

After being released from prison (10 Years later), he prayed…

“I have deep compassion for all those unhappy people who caused so much cruelty and injustices because of their spiritual darkness. God gave me the grace in those days to forgive them all and sincerely pray for their salvation.”

Sample Dialogue:

(Compare this to the present day political climate)

Korbel: Do what is right and never lie. These two things make a good man. But if you do the first, you never have need for the second.

Man: A well placed lie has saved my skin more than once. (everyone laughs)

Korbel: Indeed, deception is the coward’s parachute. (men groan) A true hero champions truth in the face of fear.

The making of this film was my personal priority and passion

Our vision was to have it “shrunk to fit”on small screens

vis Netflix, iTunes, Youtube, wherever

(This is what could’ve been beyond year four)


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