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REVOLUTION HAWAII "A Year to Change a Lifetime."

Revolution Hawaii is Aloha in perpetual motion, its catchphrase: “A Year To Change A Lifetime!” Clever, catchy slogan, but what does it mean?...

This short video gives you a glimpse of this perpetual Aloha experience, along with additional insight here:

As RevHi enters Year 10 with 18 new recruits (the largest “365” team ever, and a waiting list), its message begins to deepen and expand. With 121 young adults having experienced one of it’s three tracks over those 10 years, this now equates to 121 years impacting 121 lifetimes. It doesn’t stop there! Think of the word “lifetime,” exponentially, considering the multiplication effect as a wealth of other lifetimes are changed during and following the RevHi experience. It doesn’t stop there! Consider the accumulating impact culturally, socially and spiritually during our lifetime. And it doesn't stop there. MORE! is the spirit of Aloha in perpetual motion.

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