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The Compassion and Creativity Curse!

I chose this title, tongue-in-cheek, with tongue not completely against cheek. Compassion and creativity, two curses that have plagued me all the days of my life. Compassion cannot exist without trust, and it’s the trust part that betrays you more often than not. Creativity cannot exist without risk-taking, and risk-taking leads to failure more often than not. Betrayal and failure, the messy, painful part of the success equation.

I've attempted to capture the “curse part” in my recently published book (pictured here) making it somewhat controversial. Therein lies my dilemma, getting Army publications and others to feature and promote it.

Additionally, I've written six mini e-books, each magnifying and amplifying selected chapters with a relevant message and contemporary life lesson. And two of them, (pictured here) take trust, risk-taking, betrayal and failure to a whole other level! I’ve chosen the mini e-book approach, as research indicates that this emerging digital generation prefers it short, sweet and visually attractive.

The mother book is available (Print $6.95, e-book $2.95), the e-book free with a print copy purchase. The accompanying mini e-books are free with or without purchase, all proceeds going to benefit Revolution Hawaii, a gap year mission and discipleship program (and we will personally match the price of each purchase - 2 for 1).


Available Here:

The SAVN Story (Pt 1)

PASSWORD: 1Cor15-58

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