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"A Page Turner!"

Major Peter McGuigan has given me per-mission to share his very generous personal review of my book. With the Salvation Army High Council looming, pay careful attention to his comment about the intrigue of the 14th High Council. I say, carefully, because it may just pique your curiosity.


I felt the concept of the book was brilliant in a number of ways:

First, in terms of producing a 'whimsical' autobiography. It was whimsical, but I felt not too much so, which was important for a reader like me. There was profundity amid the whimsey and I found myself looking for it and finding it in every chapter.

Second, using the 1999 High Council as an anchor for the book produced a sense of intrigue. I love the way you keep the reader in suspense by interspersing your life and ministry story chapters with chapters on that intriguing High Council. I found myself wanting to skip chapters to get to the next HC chapter but said NO to that 'boom-boom-boom'!

Third, clearly setting your experience of life and of Salvation Army officership amid 'eras' marked by increasing social and technological change also makes it a page-turner. I loved the way you connected high profile events in history with what was happening in yours and Doris's life at the time, and with Salvation Army events and leaders (e.g. Harry who? / George who?).

Finally, three more things. I found your postscript very moving and validating of the ministry priorities you have upheld throughout your officership. I was inspired by the recurring catchphrase 'be the parade' and the feeling throughout the book that with God nothing is impossible. I was blessed by the honesty of the book, sometimes beautifully subtle, other times obviously frank.

Major Peter McGuigan

Communications amd PR Secretaey

Sri Lanka Territory

PS: I recall wondering while reading, "Truman," (Biography) whether you were related to the Nolands of Independence. How interesting that you are!

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