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Addicted to Love!

This past week, our son. Guy, celebrated his 15th anniversary, clean and sober, his sobriety medal pictured here. I am convinced that it's a genetic thing, his great grandfather dying of cirrhosis of the liver at age 42 and his grandfather likewise at age 56.

Unfortunately, they did not have the same spiritual foundation as Guy, the “love” part missing altogether, delaying a desire for treatment and sobriety. They never had the opportunity to channel their addiction toward a higher power. Guy was able to rekindle the power of love in his life earlier on via Alcoholics Anonymous.

Today he pays it back as a mentor and leader in an AA group sponsored through The Salvation Army Pasadena Adult Rehabilitation Center. His passion and gifting has led to the formation of an “Addicted to Love” 12 step video series with a downloadable PDF workbook and ATL Challenge. The introduction to this series is as follows:

“We’re all addicted to something. It’s not just substance abuse. For some, it is power and control, for others pornography, gambling, sex, food or maybe even work (workaholic). It could even be pride, anger or depression, as explained in this introductory video.”

“The cure-all is to replace a negative addiction with a positive one. Love is the overriding positive addiction, one that is healthy, preemptive and God prescribed. God is the higher power and “God is Love” (1 John 4). Among other things, this 12 Step Video Series, with PDF Workbook, is prescriptive, it’s 3-phase Rx being:”

Love God: Steps 1-3

Love Yourself: Steps 4-7

Love Others: Steps 8-12

It's all accessible here:

Please pass it on/ pay it forward.

God is good all the time!

BTW, Guy is available for speaking, seminars, consultation, etc.


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