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Culture is a curious thing and extremely powerful, molding one’s brain synapses from birth, and giving credence to the saying, “We’ve never done it this way before!” This work represents a slightly ir-reverent journey into present day religious culture, with satire sprinkled in liberally (no pun intended). The following appears within the opening pages of the book.


SATIRE: A technique used by writers and others to make their point using humor, irony and exag-geration.

For this author, the mark of effective satire is found in its ability to touch on the prophetic. Jesus, the model maverick, used it so effectively in this way, especially when it came to religion and legalism. This opus, written in the form of a travelogue, represents my 21st Century ‘touch on the pro-phetic.’ In so doing, I have also been influenced by these words:

“I think satire is most effective when you love the thing you're satirizing rather than... have a vendetta against it.” (Mike Yaconelli)

Written and presented, cheekily, with great love and respect,

Joe Noland

Fellow Traveler

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