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The Future of The Salvation Army: WHAT?


YOU ARE HERE. Mind boggling! Prompting a whole slew of seemingly imponderable questions. Interesting that Brengle phrases the final chapter in his book, Ancient Prophets, as a question:


“Talk to me Commissioner Brengle.”

“There are some questions always being asked and never fully answered, for the simple reason that only Omniscience knows the answer, and Omniscience is not disposed to answer questions which can be solved in measure by diligent attention to the spirit and principles revealed in the Bible, and the final answer to which is largely contingent upon our good behavior, our humility, our loyalty to truth and love, our unswerving allegiance to Jesus, and our diligence in keeping His commandments and walking in His footsteps.”

“Do I detect a word of caution right at the beginning, Commissioner? You’re saying that the future of The Salvation Army depends, first and foremost, upon our ‘diligent attention to the spirit and principles revealed in the Bible.’ Are you suggesting that it doesn’t depend upon our business acumen, fundraising savvy, investment portfolio and organizational skills?”


“And not even upon our superlative musical and performance skills?”


“Continue to hear me out, Commissioner Noland.”

“You can call me Joe.”

“You can call me Sam.”

~This cyber conversation to continue in upcoming posts~

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