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Love Leads "Survival Guide!"

A "Survival Guide" for mercy minded, mission-oriented leaders

This opus takes you on an allegorical adventure in the form of a love song, its reoccurring theme, “Love Conquers All—has no limits… no boundaries known unto man.”

It's about radical, mission-oriented leadership and the dangers of monument making–-where process, bigness, status quo and control become more important than the mission. It's a playful, yet urgent reminder that leadership, without compassion and mercy, will suffer eternal consequences. An important read for every aspiring leader.

It can be downloaded FREE as a PDF Ebook and if not printed, best read in the Full Screen view mode. Please share the link with others and subscribe to our mailing list for updates as this continues to expand into a magnum opus (Hopefully).

"Noland does it again. This title carries the “Who Moved The Cheese” vibe and gently but persuasively winds the reader around his finger until we're all wrapped up in the simple but powerful allegory. We're left with fresh eyes to see. It's like someone flicked the light on, or switched us from black and white to colour. It can be a shock to the system, but it is a good one.”—Stephen Court.

"Together Joe and Doris Noland have birthed a prophetic picture of mercy and love enabled leadership—Major Abby.

"The monument I want after I am dead is a monument with two legs going around the world--a saved sinner telling about the salvation of Jesus Christ.”

Dwight Moody

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