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My Kind of Leader - WOW! WHOA!

And my kind of Christmas address to leaders:

In this address, Pope Francis “warned that those engaged in ‘malicious resistance’ to the reform of the Roman Curia are inspired by the devil.” WOW!

And how does this resistance take form? “It takes refuge in traditions, appearances, formalities, in the familiar, or else in a desire to make everything personal, failing to distinguish between the act, the actor and the action.” Double WOW! “

It’s not the wrinkles in the church that you should fear, but the stains!” said he. And he’s calling for “modernization” and “for the Vatican to employ more women and more laypeople and to reflect a multicultural society.” Triple WOW!

In one of his strongest messages he called for an end to the Vatican’s way of getting rid of unqualified or unwanted staff, known as “promote and remove. This is a cancer,” exclaims he. I’m running out of WOWS!

And he tops this off, saying that many were pursuing their careers for power and wealth and suffering from a type of “spiritual Alzheimer’s” instead of serving God. WHOA! Ran out of WOWS!

Feels like I've been there, done that!

All of the “WOWS” occurring because this illustrates, perfectly, the arc of my little allegorical book, Out of the Rubble… Revolution. In fact, I use the Catholic Church as one of many examples in “The Repertory” at the end, which, btw, also includes The Salvation Army—available FREE as a PDF download at:

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HAPPY 2017!


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