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The Power of Authentic Leadership!

For Doris and me, MLK, Jr’s impact upon our Ministry and leadership style was significant, the quote featured here very integral to it all. Authenticity is the operative word and foundational to creating and accompanying blog, Love Leads.

In 1967 we were appointed to plant the Broadway Youth and Family Center (now Kroc Center) in the inner city of Phoenix, Arizona. The following two previous blogs will give some historical context.

1 Corinthians 13 is the foundational passage of Scripture for it all. My last post, “True Leadership: The Greatest of These,” lays it out accordingly. A condensed version of that post has been structured into a Certificate of Authenticity, to be personalized by anyone striving for authenticity in their leadership.

I invite you to create your own personalized Leadership Certificate of Authenticity. It’s wall hanging worthy. Click on “Love Leads” above, then click on the certificate image featured. Download. Print. Frame. Follow. Voila! LOVE LEADS!

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