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Vigilante Love!

I’ve been thinking, maybe a little too deeply, does Satan respond to love? I think not. Hate is the antithesis of love and Satan is the quintessence of hate. This then begs the question, do hate-filled, demon possessed human beings respond to love? Who are the hate-filled? Maybe those who religiously and relentlessly reject love? #demonic #evil

I’m thinking even Jesus had to get a little testy with the rejectors now and then, expressing his love in a tougher, somewhat hard-handed way i.e. the money changers in the temple or, occasionally, in response to the stubborn, hardhearted Pharisees.

I understand the concept of unconditional love, but maybe there are those who will only respond if... how should I put this? If they are smacked over the head with love? Think about the perpetual sexual abuser or trafficker, for example. And your son or daughter the victim?

My son, Guy, has written a script capturing this brand of tough love and, with his crack production team, is in the process of creating a social justice web series titled V.I.R.A.L. (Victims of Incest, Rape and Abuse Liberation). The production value is high and the story entertaining.

But there's more. Our passion is to take this cause viral, by mobilizing an army of viral vigilantes whose ultimate weapon’s of choice are not guns, but storytelling and tough love, the emphasis on “tough.” For the sake of this project, let’s call it Vigilante Love. #film #socialmedia #resiliant #uncompromising

It’s all spelled out over at the website. Do me a favor, take 5 minutes and check it out. Click on any of the graphics or here. Thanks!

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