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R Rated!

(Victims of Incest, Rape, Abuse Liberation)

The “R” rating is threefold:

1. Raw! Real! This web series is not for the fainthearted or prudish. Sexual abuse is not pretty nor pure; it is evil. And purposely designed to shock and disturb, entertainingly.

2. Redemptive! Nor is it for the evil-minded or wanton. Redemption is badass evil’s worst nemesis! And purposely designed to empower and inspire, entertainingly… eventually. In the end, it’s about tough love!

3. Risky! It’s not for the wimpish or timid. Getting involved, as I am (joining the movement), is sure to invite criticism and rancor. If you’re bravehearted and progressive in you’re thinking, then I invite you to get involved with me by doing four things for now:

1. Click on this link and carefully review its content.

2. Fill out the form, found on most pages, and submit it.

3. Share this with your Social Media circle of influence.

3. Stay tuned as updates on the web series launch, and how you can get involved, will be coming your way soon. Thanks.


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