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A Golden Era!

What do the Golden Globes and this photo with Billy Graham have in common? For one thing, the event pictured here with Graham in 1989 and the Golden Globes were held at the same venue, the Beverly Hilton Hotel (2918 Golden Globes Ceremony with Seth Meyers pictured below).

The other commonality is “Golden,” as in celebrating and producing the Billy Graham Association’s Golden Anniversary.

What do you think Billy is saying, that has Doris's rapt attention? Frankly, I don't remember, maybe it was, “If I were Territorial Commander, I would appoint you as Divisional Leaders of the Hawaiian Islands Division” (we received that appointment shortly thereafter, and that's the TC listening on). Feel free to respond with your own caption please (-:

What I do remember is in the book, and it's memorable indeed with awards and celebrities galore!

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