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S***Hole or LoveWhole?

This is a story that should have been in the book (The ERAS of His Way uncensored). At the beginning of the 2000 era, Colonel Denny Phillips invited us, along with Major Leah Davids, to participate in a Haitian Anniversary Congress. The major, an Australian, had served in Haiti for many years. Following is a story she related to us upon our arrival.

(Paraphrased): “My first appointment in Haiti was as the director of a children's home. Early on, I visited one of the villages to pick up children for the home. In that village, among others, was an infant girl and boy, twins, abandoned, emaciated, sickly. The village authorities said to me, ‘Don't bother with them, they are too far gone and going to die anyway.’”

“I couldn't resist taking them, however, and over time, miraculously nursing them back to health with love and tender care. The boy twin grew to become an accomplished musician, vocalist and the Songster Leader in his corps.” End of story.

Wait! No! Not end of story. Two days later, during the Saturday evening anniversary extravaganza, a handsome young man in full uniform, made his way to the platform, inviting Major Davids to join him, and singing to her a song that he had composed. The title of the song was, “Thank You For My Life.” There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

That auditorium was a ‘lovewhole' on this evening, the many Children's Homes and Army schools in Haiti also ‘lovewholes,’ representative of the beautiful human beings making up that nation. As Salvationists (American, Australian or otherwise), we see Haiti, Africa, American barrios, where ever, as ‘lovewholes,’ not ’s***holes.’

And I speak for the majority of Americans!


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