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A Powerful Influencer

The Sullivan family is very much in our thoughts and prayers today as they celebrate the life of Jim. We are in Hawaii for our granddaughter’s commencement exercises or we would have been there.

Our friendship goes way back, beginning with those Azusa College days, and then on to Prescott, Flagstaff and beyond. They both were powerful influencers to us in many ways, and set a standard as corps officers that we tried hard to emulate.

To say that they were unique and pioneering innovators would be an understatement, as there is no comparison to their mobilization of army resources as a church growth and Kingdom building model anywhere. Several years ago, I suggested that they be considered for Order of the Founder, as they fit the criteria perfectly.

Doris and I Hold Jim and Maud in very high esteem, their lives a testimony that Love Leads. We pray God’s comforting blessing on the family as they both mourn and celebrate the life of one of God’s special Army saints.

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